Privacy Statement

A condition of becoming a participant in the Waratah Rewards program is that the information provided by you or Waratah Fencing Pty Ltd as The Promoter may be used for the following:

  • Updating your Total Available Points as per the Terms & Conditions specified in the program
  • Placing orders for the Waratah Rewards prizes you select
  • Forwarding you your selected Waratah Rewards prizes either direct from manufacturers or via selected carriers
  • Forwarding you information about this program, future incentive programs or other related programs.

As a participant in Waratah Rewards you are provided with a confidential Username and Password. This allows you to access your total points available, claim Waratah Rewards prizes up to the total value of those points and change your delivery address if required.

Your Username and Password is thus a valuable asset and should not be disclosed to others. Waratah Rewards accepts no responsibility for unauthorised access to members' personal information or to any wrongful claims made or delivered as a result of unauthorised access.

Warranties by Waratah Rewards

Personal information submitted to and held in the Waratah Rewards database shall be used only to administer the points program, make deliveries of reward prizes and to send any other marketing information required by the promoter. It shall not be disclosed to any other third party without your express permission.

Waratah Rewards takes all reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is kept secure. Your information is stored on secure servers within highly secure 24 x 7 controlled and monitored facilities. The Waratah Rewards staff and contractors are trained in the correct procedures in using and handling any personal information they have access to when carrying out all necessary administrative functions while running the program. As part of delivery and supply contracts all suppliers to the Waratah Rewards program are obliged to respect and keep the confidentiality of any personal information held by the Waratah Rewards program.

Waratah Rewards takes no responsibility for any incorrect delivery or loss, due to the failure of the promoter to supply or update correct participant details.